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... are eternal



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Precept studies will be starting again, someday (I hope)



Developing Character And Integrity In The Midst Of A Society Which Has Lost Respect For God.
You are about to begin a study of a powerful and greatly needed epistle which was written almost 2,000 years ago . . . a letter which, if read and heeded, could turn our churches around and thus impact our communities and eventually our nation.





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Folks, there is a FREE Bible software program I just took a look at that is awesome
beats E-Sword - hands down.
It is called TheWord bible software
lots of good, free resources...good word study tools, commentaries, bible dictionaries and books.

 The Word Bible Software


FREE Bible Studies
here is a series of excellent FREE Bible Studies available from College Press that you can download. They are great for individual Bible study, or can be used for group study. Take a look - and again...THEY ARE FREE!!!



I'll be adding to this site gradually -  I will try to keep the information current.



Photo by Zev Radovan

Thus says the Lord: “This is Jerusalem, which I have placed in the middle of the nations … ” Ezekiel 5:5

The Biblical World in Pictures Sample. 2004; 2004. Biblical Archaeology Society.



"Peek -a boo!!!"

Nebula NGC - Hubbel Telescope Image

Good Site on Inductive Bible Study



We can accomplish more by time and strength
put into prayer and bible study then we can
by putting the same amount of time and
strength into anything else.

R.A. Torrey